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What is SecretGeoScan ?

The device consists of two different units.

Earth unit

The unit which determines the perceptive signal way and last target.

The feature of device working system is the radio sender / diffusion into the earth. Since radio senders / diffusion are collected on the metals, the diffusion build up a way between the metal target and device through signal flow. Then a way can be find with the top unit. Later the way is followed up and the last target is find out.


It can determine a perfect search into 20 meter deepness. Beside this the device can find out the target by realizing a cleared scanning with 750 meter radius. That means it can realize a correct search between 1,5 km – 1,5 km. The duration of finding out the target by the signal which reaches the metal part is 45 seconds.


First of all it is a device which can scan the area and has a videoscreen, it is reasonable and the most important thing is it can do its work. Dedector GPR ( area scan ) all of the are completed in one.


Detailed technical data


* The seperation is completed automatically when the module is

demontaged in running position of the device. Montaged module can be

taken and a selected one can be montaged, if the metal type has to be

changed. The search can be realized continuously without any delay.


Balance control


It is important to hold the device horizontal in antenna / aerial systems. In order to follow up this situation the compensating balance does not influence search power, but is a big influence on the searching results.



Adjustment of depth / deepness power


The transmitting power as well as the device power are determined by the searching frequence power ( length of antenna )where its adjustment can be changeable. The big power is adjusted if maximum deepness power for small and big objects is required. With the small power the saerching power is getting lower and small parts ( e.g. : coins or jewellery ) will be filtered automatically and can not be found. In order to limit the searching area, the device must be adjusted onto a lower position. The antennas half to be drawn until about 50 %.


Locking / Switch off


Take the programme module from its cab. Switch off the power button. Now the device is out of service.


Searching Technic


It can be worked day and the night. The person and the others who are doing the searching process shouldn’t wear metalls such as gold, silver object on their body.


The maximum theoretical searching area distance of secret geo scan is 750 meter ( its enviroment), saerching deepness 20 meters. These values is determined according to the quantity / greatness and the duration in the earth. If you realize a searching process in a big area for indefinite objects, please start with the highest searching sensitivity / precision. Please lengthten both of the antennas / aerials completely. With this adjustment you can find out on the videoscreen metal objects in which there are lower than 20 meter deepness. Drawn antennas / aerials in the half lenght and the device power decraeses about 50 % in its distance and deepness. Therefore obejct with 200-300 meter distance and 8 meter deepness can be found.




All these measurement values and power datas are valid for metal objects which are in earth, caves and water etc. with 40 x 60 x 30 cm volume. The duration for smaller objects or more shorter areas the power efficiency is getting lower. While saerching process the device must be hold horizontal. The device must be carried out from one side to another side in order to scan the area. If the antennas / aerials find out and progmrammed metal, so on the same time the view of the metal will be shown on the videoscreen. It must be stopped suddenly. This point has to be marked. Since only the direction is determined during first measurement, but not the place, so a second measurment is required from the exit point. When the screen shows a determined direction, the second measurement sign / mark has to be done. So the crossing point from both measurement lines exist. At least the last point of the highest ion reaction is measured with wart measurement.


Technical datas:


Diffusive earth unit frequences :


For gold : 5.0 kHz

For silver : 8.7 kHz

For bronze : 11.8 kHz

For iron : 17,0 kHz

Battery : 6.75v ( incl. 0.36 a )

Running period / Service : 15 – 20 hours


Acceptor unit :


Frequence sensitivity : 0.001 HZ

Videoscreen : Bright 7 “ Active TFT matrix LCD

Screen solubility : 8 Mega Pixel

Hysteresis ( Acception ) : Capasitive 1500 mt/ radius

Acception frequence : 500 / second

Balance arm : Pvc


Remark :


The device is sold in two different types. Pro and Basic. The one difference from another is the GPS; This realizes to register and save all coordinates from the space which are determined and to mark and follow them on the pc through google earth.




All changes on delivery and technical datas are reserved. All information belong to manufacturer datas and test results.



Parts of Machine

This new product has two main parts

1-) Transmitter

2-) Receiver(imaging)



 Working Method


The transmitter unit trasmits radio wave to under ground and metal objects collets this waves as a radio antenne.

Receiver unit find the track of transmitter - metal object and point you direct to metal object.

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